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Very helpful, well organized, and informative.”


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“I really like all the panelists' advice, and how they answered every question in detail. I would definitely love more of these panels for future SparkED events!”

“As someone interested in STEM, this panel helped me feel more confident about what steps to take to apply to colleges and programs. This also showed how some paths differ, but still can lead with hard work to your goal.”


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“This was the type of interesting and informative webinar I've been looking for.”


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“They successfully bridge successful people to aspiring STEM professionals.”

84 virtual event attendees from 10 US states and 7 different countries ranging from 8th grade to College Freshmen


6 Instagram Takeovers by professionals pursuing an array of career fields impacting 764 students

6,215 students impacted through social media platforms


100% of attendees attending our virtual talk on microbiology stated that the talk increased their understanding of the field.


89% of attendees attending our virtual panel event about college admissions & STEM said their understanding of STEM fields increased.