Charlotte Picardo

Director of Human Resources & Operations

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Charlotte Picardo is a 17 year old student, in Year 12 from London, UK. She is currently studying Economics, English Literature and Geography for her A-Levels. She is interested in Business Management courses and hopes to pursue a career in HR, Finance or Operations. She enjoys dancing, singing, reading, painting and researching new information. She is experienced in Marketing, Recruitment, finance and writing educational articles. She hopes she can help accomplish other organisation's mission, goals and most importantly volunteer to give back to the community. Fun Fact: She has been mentored by employees from Vodafone, Onfido, Uber and HSBC. Her duties at sparkED include interviewing, screening applicants and compiling team info, structuring and implementing strategies.


Eli Clark

Director of Programs

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Eli is a junior at LASA High School in Austin, Texas. They hold the position of Event Lead currently. Eli is interested in a career in neuroscience, specifically around mental health. They like writing, especially poetry. They are also Aedile (plans events) of the Latin club at LASA. Eli is known for dying their hair a multitude of fun colors. Currently, their hair is rainbow.

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Evelyne is a Junior at LASA High School in Austin, Texas. She will be working in the finance committee and is currently researching fundraising options. She wants to increase her knowledge of finance and enjoys playing guitar.


Neha Suri 

Director of Outreach 

Neha Suri is a rising sophomore at Mira Loma High School in Sacramento, California. She loves to compete in Public Forum in Speech and Debate and spends her free time playing soccer. She is very passionate about helping her local community and is an active member of Key Club. She enjoys to explore technological aspects in STEM fields and hopes to pursue a career in this area. She will be creating partnerships with future speakers and is very excited to continue this journey as the Director of Outreach in SparkED!

Disha Bhattacharya

Finance Committee

Disha Bhattacharya is a junior at Carnegie Vanguard High School of Houston, TX, USA. As SparkED's committee, she aims to streamline communications with other organizations and businesses as well as keep SparkED thriving with ample financial support. She has two years of finance experience with other institutions. Her academic interests include biology, organic chemistry, industrial chemistry, and research. She loves fishing, board games, and food (especially desserts). Fun fact: her favorite artificial flavor is grape.


Grace Sam

Events & Logistics Committee 

Grace Sam is a junior at the Liberal Arts & Science Academy in Austin, Texas. She currently helps out in organizing events from start to finish. For the future, she plans to pursue a career in engineering and hopefully combine her interests in chemistry alongside that. She loves baking, hiking, and painting in her free time. Fun Fact: Grace's favorite dessert is ice cream and specifically the coffee flavor!


Pari Latawa

Founder and Executive Director

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Paridhi (Pari) Latawa is a rising junior at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy in Austin, Texas. She is interested in exploring the intersection between tech and biology, specifically genetics. She enjoys competing in Science Olympiad and playing the viola! She loves pursuing any opportunities that involve spreading scientific literacy such as hosting talks, speaking at District Summits, and more! She started SparkED as a platform to enable the youth and future generations to make informed decisions about their futures. In her free time, Pari loves playing tennis, painting, and spending time with her 5-year-old sister!


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Shivani Regan

Director of Creatives

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Evelyne Rees-Eissler

Finance Committee





Destiny Uwawuike


Anagha Sampath-SparkEd Headshot.jpg

Anagha Sampath

Chapter Ambassador 

Destiny is a rising senior at NYC Museum School. Her interests include astronomy, developmental biology, and genetics. She would love to become an obstetrician-gynecologist in the future! Fun fact: she’s a big fan of reading. She also likes to dance and is a fan of K-Pop.

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Sarayu Kommuri

Chapter Ambassador 




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Tanisha Panchal

Michigan Chapter Ambassador

Tanisha Panchal is a rising junior at Troy High school in Troy, Michigan and is a chapter ambassador for the Michigan branch. She and her team have been working on organizing workshops for individuals interested in astronomy by coordinating guest speakers and gaining various types of resources for her wide audience. She is highly involved with her FRC Robotics team as a student lead and leads several other STEM-affiliated clubs and activities. Tanisha is incredibly interested in astronomy and chemistry and aspires to work in those fields in the future. A fun fact about her is that she loves to cook and can play various instruments like the guitar and violin!


Sarvikaa Rakeshram

Michigan Chapter Ambassador

Sarvikaa Rakeshram is going to be a junior this year in Troy High School in Troy, MI and is one of the chapter ambassadors for the Michigan chapter. She has been working on starting a Michigan chapter of SparkED and has been organizing the branch and trying to help others with science interests. She enjoys STEM and hopes to pursue a career relating to the astrophysics field. Sarvikaa is involved in a lot of volunteering clubs, as well as more STEM related clubs. One fun fact about her is that she can sing and play the piano and she loves to bake various desserts.


Rebecca Harshman

General Volunteer 

Rebecca Harshman is a junior at LASA High School in Austin, Texas. She loves working with kids, music, roller skating, and science. During quarantine she has learned to cook and make earrings

Anagha Sampath is a Freshman at Round Rock High School, in Austin, Texas. She is a Chapter Ambassador for SparkEd along with her partner Sarayu. She is hoping to bring in more Health Science related projects to this wonderful SparkEd community. Anagha has been working tremendously hard to make the Austin chapter as best as it can be. She is also involved in 8 different clubs including HOSA, Debate, Girl Up, and DECA. Anagha’s passions include dance, baking, educating others, and anything involved with healthcare. She has been an Indian Classical dancer(Bharatanatyam) for 10+ years and does in-school dance which includes Ballet, Hip-Hop, and Modern. Anagha has always had an attraction towards the medical field, specifically Dermatology. She has wanted to become one since she was just 4 years old! Anagha also LOVES working with people and is very extroverted. STEM has always been a fascination to her and hopes that SparkED will help her achieve her goals, and for her to spread her knowledge to others. She is very excited for this Austin chapter and will do anything it takes for it to thrive!

Sarayu Kommuri is a rising freshman at Round Rock High School in Austin,Texas. She is a chapter ambassador along with Anagha Sampath. She hopes to help others find a passion for science and bring more people into the SparkED community. Sarayu has always been fascinated by the Medical field and hopes to pursue a career in it. Sarayu also owns and manages a dance studio for 3 years and counting. She has been an Indian Classical dancer(Bharatanatyam) for 10+ years and does in-school dance which includes Ballet, Hip-Hop, and Modern. Sarayu is also involved in multiple charities and clubs such as Deca,Girl Up, She’s the first, Debate, and Red Cross! She would love to bring new ideas and opportunities to SparkEd. Fun Fact Sarayu loves to travel and has been to over 15+ countries!

Sophie Zhao


Sophie is currently a senior at Pinetree Secondary School. She will be moving from Canada to the United States for university, studying engineering and pursuing her passion for applied mathematics and computer science. As a Secretary of SparkED, she enjoys being a part of the organization and its goal of supporting youth.

Shivani Regan will be in 11th grade at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy in Texas this fall. She is the co-director of creatives and is currently focusing on creating a consistent theme and brand throughout SparkED. Shivani is passionate about graphic design, marketing, and branding and hopes to have a career in the field one day. Aside from SparkED, she also uses her creative mind to run a handmade card business!